If you thought there was a difference between the Champions League and the UEFA cup, you’re wrong. It’s quite surprising how many people still think the two are different events when they’re really just the one (though the live champions league is one of the biggest events of the year).

The idea for the live champions league came about in 1955 at a journalist’s suggestion. The idea behind starting a Champions League Draw was to give the top European football clubs a platform where they could compete and emerge as winners to showcase their football prowess to a larger audience, as well as gain recognition and compete with other international leagues simultaneously.

Since the beginning, the Champions League has been held in the form of a knockout tournament which gives each and every team a fair chance. As such, during the league matches, each team that is drawn against each other has to play 2 matches instead of 1 as is common in other knockout leagues. As such, the fixtures are held on a home, and away basis giving all teams a fair chance since these are teams from all over Europe (and we all know how important a home crowd is). Playing at home also helps boost team morale!

Obviously many fans struggle to afford to go see their teams play, and many don’t have passports. The television shows many games thankfully, and hundreds and hundreds of fans have also started to watch the champions league online which is completely free.