When thinking of Football, you don’t instinctively think of casino games like roulette, blackjack or slots. But after some research and careful consideration there are similarities and transferable skills between the two. In this article we will share some similarities we found that can help a football fan transition to traditional gambling and gamblers to football too.

1) Excitement Levels

The most obvious commonality between football and other gambling games is the sheer excitement involved. Consider the fan at a stadium after their favourite team has scored a 90th minute goal. If you compare that to a gambler who bets on 26 at a casino Malaysia and wins. The look on their face, the reaction and the overall excitement level is pretty similar, isn’t it? People who love this adrenaline and good feeling rush can share the same by trying football or casino games.

2) Weekend Hobby

The weekend is the prime time for football lover and casino aficionados. It is their time of the week they dedicate to their favourite hobby. This shows that it is a hobby they enjoy in their social time and will commit to following it regularly. Have you ever noticed the same punters are there on a Friday or Saturday night? The same is true for football lovers who can be seen at the ground or pub at weekend, cheering on their team.

3) Countless Stories

Finally, whether you’re a football fan or a blackjack lover, we have found both types of people generally have many stories to tell. From the time your team almost won a cup to losing five times in a row with 20. Both groups have countless stories they love to share with peers and acquaintances. It is both admirable and comical that people like to share personal stories like this but unites both casino gamblers and football fanatics.

There you have it, three common similarities between fans of football and casino games. How many applied to you?