We all remember the first time we entered the casino; the nervousness, the excitement, the sense of possibility winning an online casino bonus, the sense of being foolish for thinking to hit it big on the very first time. Aaaaah, precious memories those were! Therefore, to cherish and reignite those pleasant funny memories, this article presents to you funniest first time casino stories that have been witnessed by our viewers.

Casino Stories

  • An Amish grandmother went to the casino for the very first time on her 75th birthday with her husband, her granddaughters and celebrated each win on video poker, be it of a cent, with the cutest version of whoopa dance, whilst her granddaughters jumped up and down around her, even the 80 year old husband had difficulty controlling his glee and did his own version of heel tap. The happy family and their jubilance drew quiet a crowd around them cheering them on.
  • A visitor who was visiting the luxurious and extravagant casinos of Los Angeles the very first time exclaimed “Ok! I love the hotels but where are the casinos???”
  • A guy was playing slot machines for the first time and said that his father taught him that with every bonus, you had to dance. The better the dance, the bigger will be the bonus and the amount won. He won over $150 by dancing enthusiastically to the bonuses’ music for hours.
  • A young woman was playing on the penny slot machine and before every spin she hit buttons and made the machine make weird sounds.She explained to the onlookers that machines listened to the sounds and then gave you bonus (as taught to her by her enthusiast gambler mother). When a neighbor won a bonus, she explained to him impatiently that it was because of the right sounds that the machine made that it gave him the bonus and that his machine was making all the right sounds so they should switch. She had also ‘practiced’ the sounds before coming to the casino.

So, what are some of the funniest first time casino stories that you’ve come across?