If you’ve never taken time out your day to watch live cricket, you may be surprised at just how exciting the sport is. If you don’t have a satellite or cable subscription, it’s extremely easy to watch cricket online. A lot of matches are shown regularly on free-to-air channels which are broadcast over the internet, and some bookmakers websites also show the live action as well.

People who enjoy watching other sports like tennis, baseball, or even softball are the ones most likely to enjoy cricket live streaming. The sport does seem very slow paced to begin with, but in the later rounds the match can become as intense as a basketball game.

One thing I will say is that cricket is one of the rare sports that requires a widescreen television to be able to view all the action. The pitch is quite expansive and when a ball is thrown to the batter, it can sometimes fly for miles before the opposing team has a chance to gain control of it. With a widescreen television, you never have to miss any of the action.

I bought a widescreen monitor when I started watching cricket, and now find that having a widescreen monitor works best for many sports. Watching golf is now more involving as I can see the entire course, and sometimes certain channels allow you to switch camera angles too. So if you ever think about watching live cricket or any sports which utilise an incredibly large pitch, make sure and invest in a widescreen television or monitor!