Watching golf games is a fun pastime shared by most households across the world. It has dramatically increased in popularity over the past decade, which is mainly due to how many celebrities play golf in their spare time. When taking a golf course, make sure to have your own golf tees – just one tip I picked over the years playing golf.

Golf is most popular over in the United States, where there are a lot more tournaments. American Golf stars like Tiger Woods have made the sport more appealing to the younger generation which may also have contributed to its rising popularity.

The television companies have fallen in love with golf and have started showing the pga tournaments on their channels. The sponsorship money they earn is insane as many businesses are now realising just how profitable it can be to advertise their products to golf enthusiasts.

To those who don’t watch golf regularly, the game can seem extremely slow-paced. Compared to sports like tennis or football, the action is slow (much like chess). There has to be precision and technique in every shot and golfers constantly change clubs to ensure they pot the ball in the hole.

I have been to a few golf tournaments myself but i prefer to watch online golf games instead as the weather has always been poor when I’ve gone to watch the sport live. Some of the best tournaments have taken place in Scotland and as beautiful as the country is, it has never been a country known for having the best weather. At least you can’t get wet sitting at your computer in your house.