Football betting can be summed up with one great word: fun! Taking a chance on a game where you’re not sure if you’re going to win or not is quite the thrill. We can bring up our chances up by being aware of the football teams and how they’ve been playing (or in the case of opening the season, how well every player has done in pre-season summer training).

You might be super excited about betting on a few games as the season progresses, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re sure on which team you wish to place bets on. It’s completely up to you every week to pick which teams you’re going to back, but this can be a puzzling challenge for new bettors. Just which team is the best team? Should you go with the crowd favorite, because they’re the ones likely to win?

Well, as you’ll see in the world of football, there’s never a “likely” outcome. It’s not going to happen that way, simply because there are so many variables that can affect a game. What if someone gets injured before the game, or even during the game? What if someone gets fined and suspended? What if a star player has an off day, leaving the underdog team to surge ahead?

Football betting

In the sports world, we call these events “upsets”, and they can happen any time and at any game. So nobody should tell you that they’re “sure” of an outcome, because there’s always a chance to be strangely surprised.

Make sure that you’re looking at the playing field from a fair and unbiased perspective. Don’t let the crowd keep you from thinking about the other possibilities out there. You might have a “favorite” team, but what if they just haven’t been playing the way they should? Isn’t that a golden moment to think about the underdog that could put some extra money in your pocket? You can’t let tradition keep you from making the right bets.

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