Dear Live Soccer TV Fan,

The sheer number of live soccer fans across the world who cannot even watch their favourite teams play is quite ridiculous. The sport is only really popular in Europe, though those in Canada and the USA still have a large number of fans.

If you live within the EU, it will cost you a small fortune to watch soccer live, and if you don’t, it’s extremely difficult to find a television channel that broadcasts the games.

You will more than likely be surprised to discover that all the live streaming soccer matches you could ever want and more are broadcast completely free across the internet on free-to-air international channels.

To be able to watch these streams, you only need a basic internet connection and a couple of software programs that will tune you into any live soccer online available. Along with these programs, you also need to know where the live streams are coming from…..


Very well hidden as it happens. There are hundreds of forums and newsletters that detail where to find them but even these are hard to find…


Are you a die-hard soccer fan? Do you enjoy just plain old TV? What would you be doing on a Saturday morning? Watching TV perhaps? Sure, you can just lay there, bored out of your mind, and start flipping through the channels until you realize that your favorite shows aren’t even playing at this hour. It might of even occurred to you that you want to watch soccer online (especially live soccer streaming) on something other than a television screen at one point.

So, is there nothing else to do but sit there, twiddling your thumbs as you watch shows you don’t even want to? Well, there’s an answer to that, a simple one- why not watch soccer live and other shows on your computer screen? As you sit here reading this, you may be wondering how this can be true. This excellent service only requires you to have a computer, and a stable connection to the Internet. Dial-up is not recommended, but will still work.

This method is going to be far cheaper than any monthly television subscription cost. People nowadays are finding that their cable TV is getting way to expensive. With the economy on a downturn, prices are going up, but even before that, prices were still increasing. To watch soccer live can cost a great deal of money. Some prices were so absurd for certain channels that people completely canceled their services as it seemed more apt to actually GO to live soccer streaming.

Not only that, televisions were getting expensive, which also brought more costly problems in the fold. For instance, once you purchase a television, you probably need someone to install the cable service for you, which usually costs a fair bit of money, and the remote control requires batteries every few months or so, adding onto the monthly bill. All in all, not exactly cheap for most people. Now, your computer may be slightly out of date, or even ancient, but chances are it’s good enough to run extremely simple software that will allow you to watch live shows, and even radio.

Once you purchase a membership, you can watch soccer live and other shows anytime you want. What if you don’t have a computer though? Luckily, there are several options available for you. If you have several good friends, and most likely some of them watch soccer live, ask them if they want access to watching a lot of excellent live shows. A good friend may split the cost of purchasing a membership to watch shows on line, and it may even strengthen your relationship with each other, although that’s not guaranteed to happen.

Heck, you can even ask your neighbor or the person across the street, after all, not only will you save them a lot of money, they’ll gain access to a huge amount of fantastic live shows. So what if you aren’t popular enough to have any friends that can let you use their computers to watch shows? That’s fine, you can visit a public place, such as a library or an Internet café, and ask to speak to the owner. Tell them about this great plan, and talk about purchasing membership for the entire network of computers.

Why is this a good idea? You can argue that the ability to watch live shows on their computers will bring in more people as it spreads through on line chat and word of mouth. When people hear about the option to watch soccer live and other shows, that they’d normally watch on television, they’d be intrigued about this idea and most likely try it. Most people will be pleased with the idea, and for businesses, this means that they’ll bring in more customers, and more revenue, which will far exceed the cost of this superbly cheap monthly cost. If you mange to convince the owner, then you’ll have access for free, or the cost of using a computer. Isn’t that just swell?

Lastly, if all of those public locations refuse this great offer of watching television through the computer, then your stuck with the notion of purchasing one to watch soccer live, and other shows as well. Now, the main problem is the cost of this.

You can look around for a good deal on previously owned computers, but this can be a sketchy area- they may be simply scammers looking for a fool to take on their offer. Also, you’d require an Internet connection from a local service provider. There are many more guides and strategies to purchasing a cheap, decent computer all over the Internet, and won’t be mentioned much here.

However, once you own a computer, you own a device that will allow you to do many more things beside watch soccer live, such as browse the Internet, and play video games. So, with access to the Internet, a computer hopefully, you can start looking forward to enjoying watching television and live soccer streaming on your computer screen once you purchase a membership.

You’ll enjoy shows of all kinds, such as sports including soccer, football, hockey, and almost anything else you can think of, from cooking shows to comedy channels. Have fun!