After the rise of Andrew Murray, Andre Agassi, Nedal and many other tennis superstars, tennis has never been so popular. You can watch live tennis online though subscription services but the prices they charge are usually rather steep considering there are places on the net you can watch live streaming tennis (even the US Open Tennis Or Wimbledon Tennis Live!) on the net without the need to pay a subscription!


Today, as millions of fans all over the world enjoy live tennis online, offered by various companies, or root for their favorite players while watching live streaming tennis, it would be interesting and beneficial to look back and browse through the interesting and fascinating history of this game.

It is commonly believed that the name of the game derives from the Ancient Egyptian town Tinnes, while the word racquet is rumored to have originated from the Arabic word for the pal of the hand. Thus, Egyptians, along with Greeks and Ancient Romans, are credited for the invention of some types of game which gradually evolved to become one of the most popular games, scrutinized in details today on the internet sites and blogs, such as Live Streaming Tennis, Live Tennis Online, Live Tennis, etc.

Those, who support the theory that speculates that the word tennis comes from the French “tenez”: take it, argue that there is no hard evidence of tennis being played until the XII century, when certain French monks are known to have played a crude handball in the courtyards of their monasteries. At any rate, it is known from history that in the XIII century several Popes tried to anathematize tennis; they failed as the game gained more and more popularity in Europe. For example, we know for a fact that Henry VII and Henry III of England were devoted players of this game.

The beginning of the XVI century must be considered the date of birth of the predecessor of the modern day racquet: a wooden frame with strings made from sheep gut. The famous Hampton Court, built in 1625, is still functioning today; however, the lawn is quite different nowadays.

While in the XVIII century the popularity of tennis decreased, it found its way back after Charles Goodyear introduced the rubber vulcanization process, thus enabling tennis players to use bouncing rubber balls. A little later, the core of rules of tennis was written and patented. By 1875, tennis was successfully exported to the United States, India, Russia and many other countries.

The first Wimbledon tournament was held in 1877. Needless to say, millions of fans all around the world would give anything to be able to have a chance to become part of the audience of these live streaming tennis matches.

The set of rules, approved by the United States Tennis Association (established on May 21, 1881 as the United States National Lawn Tennis Association), is pretty much the same as those that regulate the game today as we enjoy live tennis online or watch live streaming tennis on TV. The Association organized tournaments, including what is now called the US Open Championship in the same year and the U.S. National Women’s Singles Championship in 1887.

As tennis became extremely popular in France and Australia as well, the French Open Championship and the Australia Open Championship were launched in 1891 and 1905 respectively. The four above mentioned tournaments (the Wimbledon Tournament, the US Open, the French Open and the Australia Open) are parts of the so-called Grand Slam. As for national tennis teams, the first tournament for them was held in 1900; to this day, it is known as the Davis Cup.

The first professional tennis tournament was organized in 1926 by the promoter C.C. Pyle. Among the participants of this tour, we should mention Vinnie Richards and Suzanne Lenglen, famous professional tennis players of that time. It should be noted that those players who become professional could no longer play in amateur competitions at that time. However, a scandal that took place in 1968 gave birth to a new epoch in tennis, when all players are allowed to play in any tournament they wish, be it professional or amateur competition. This new era was marked by the establishment of an international web of tennis; revenues from the sale of television rights helped raise the popularity of the game; today, millions of viewers have the opportunity to enjoy live tennis online and live streaming tennis. As a result, tennis has spread all around the world and it is no longer considered a game of the English-speaking upper class.

The International Tennis Hall of Fame was established in 1954 by James Van Allen; it is housed at the Newport Casino, Rhode Island. (It is interesting that the Newport Casino has nothing to do with gambling; it was built as a social and recreational club, thus fully corresponding to the real meaning of its name: casina is an Italian word for a small, cozy house.). A tournament with a consequent induction ceremony takes place there every year. Visitors have a chance to see memorabilia connected with such players as Bjorn Borg, Boris Becker, Arthur Ashe, Stefan Edberg, Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King and many others. The Hall undoubtedly inspires young beginners to become like their role-models and one day star in live streaming tennis.