Dear Live UEFA Champions League Fan,

We know how big an event the UEFA cup is, and how difficult it is these days to afford the extremely expensive costs of premium satellite and cable channels only to watch your team crash out after one match.

Would it shock you to know that it’s completely FREE and simple to watch these live champions league draw matches on your home computer. You don’t need a high-end computer, nor do you need to buy any extra equipment. The live footy matches are all broadcast online through free-to-air live channels. You just need to find out where these channels are.


The live sports streams are located all over the internet. Some require specialised software to be installed before you can tune into them. In our guide, we explain all the different types of software available and include a step by step guide on how you can tune into any live stream online.


If you thought is there really any difference between the Champions League and the UEFA, there isn’t. It’s your preference what you wish to call the league. The craze for Live Champions League Football started in 1955 at a journalist’s suggestion. The idea behind starting a Champions League Draw was to let the top European football clubs get a platform where they could compete and emerge as winners to showcase their football prowess to a larger audience as well as get recognition and compete with other international leagues simultaneously.

Since the beginning the Live Champions League Football has been held as a knockout series giving every team a fair chance. As such, during the league matches, each team that is drawn against each other has to play 2 matches instead f 1 as is common in other knockout leagues. As such, the fixtures are held on a home, and away basis giving all teams a fair chance since these are the best teams from all over Europe and we all know how important a home crowd is, as well as the difference it can make on a team’s morale.

The Champions League Draw works well because if 2 teams that play against each other draw the results, then the points are awarded on an away goal basis, making the fixtures very enjoyable for supporters.

The qualification criteria for the Live Champions League Football fixtures was altered in the 90’s to ensure that the best of teams got to participate rather than allow lower league winners to participate to keep the standard of the game super high. As such not just winners of individual leagues but even the runners up were allowed to compete because the standard of certain leagues are much higher than others considering there are many prominent football leagues in Europe. Teams like Inter, Liverpool and Juventus have something in common.

These aforementioned teams all share the record of holding three UEFA Cup final successes. Other teams like Seville FC are following too and are armed with victories consecutively in 2006 as well as in 2007. Russia have also opened their very own UEFA club football competition account in this famous soccer tournament recently all thanks to trams like PFC CSKA Moskva in the year 2005 and also to FC Zenit St. Petersburg in the year 2008.

The competition is endless and certainly enjoys international support. In fact the is a much awaited list and once it’s announced reality seeps in. in a big way, which group of teams you are pitted against makes a big difference to your chances of winning the big cup. There’s times when one can almost start predicting which teams will go through in the qualifying stages because of the competition they’re to face. There are many surprises in the group stages because for most people who probably follow the English premier league teams they do not have adequate knowledge regarding the other league winners.

The Live Champions League Football fixtures are held during weekdays on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings European time. The match timings are fixed in a way that no team is too exerted to play because simultaneously thy have their independent league games to play. Since these are the top teams playing in the leagues they need to play well at all times for fear of losing out in being league champions. The pressure is high at all times and no dates coincide. The Champions League Draw schedule is announced close to the commencement of the champion’s league game and the previous year’s winners get a starting go.

Last year’s winners at Fußball Arena München were Chelsea and so far Real Mad has the maximum number of wins. The quest to qualify for the Champions League Draw ensures that teams play extremely well in their independent league matches or they don’t stand a chance of being pitted against the best in the world of football.

Once the qualifying rounds conclude, 16 teams survive, 2 from each group, the winner and the runners up. The final 16 play he knockout to win the title in the month of May. The champion’s league has brilliant sponsors and if you’re a supporter and can’t make it to the live games, then television won’t disappoint you.

Furthermore, there are brilliant competitions for fans and supporters that keep viewers glued. When the home and away qualifying rounds are on, if the games end as a draw there aren’t any penalties to decide the winner because that’s decided by the 2 nd fixture. It’s truly one of the most awaited events and there are people who have watched the games successfully over the years without taking a break. If you want to support your team, there’s no better forum than to support and cheer them till wining glory at the Live Champions League Draw.