One thing that’s quite relaxing to know is that there are sports in Britain which don’t have thousands of fans that go to games solely for the purpose of beating each other up. Recently, football has become an absolute joke in the UK. You have the worst fights and disagreements in football, compared to any other sport.

Though it is wrong to generalise, it seems to be fans of teams like Celtic and Rangers who cause the most trouble. A lot of those who support rangers and Celtic have done so out of religious hatred (catholicism vs protestant).

The violence has always been terrible in club football, but recently there have been incidents where fans have actually sent nail bombs to Neil Lennon (celtic boss).

There seems to be very little violence in cricket but it is also fairly obvious that many people who enjoy cricket come from a different family background or upbringing. Cricket seems to be more of a working class/upper class sport whereas football is borderline working class. Hundreds of fans think it’s a great idea to get drunk before going to see a football game, which is where a lot of the trouble stems from.

Some might say the reason there is no violence or little violence in cricket matches is because there’s less of a following than that of football. I don’t see how  this is true though as cricket is almost as popular as football in the united kingdom with hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide.