Cricket is really a sport which involves plenty of joy, pleasure and energy.  It is really an essential sport in the uk.  It’s a game of passion that serves the sentiments and passions of cricket fans.  It is a game that is loved by many thousands of individuals. Cricket has won the minds of millions by becoming the most-visited website during the 44-day ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

Cricket is one thing which has appeal of its own and the whole planet is an integral part of that attraction.  It’s one particular sport that’s followed around the world and it is viewed by each and every class of people. It was the preferred game of gentlemen in North of the Woods, although many people opted to watch tennis rather than cricket at first. Cricket is a game of uncertainty and you can regularly expect to be surprised by which team wins in various different matches. The sport has been documented as being played in the South of England during the 16th century.

Cricket is a predominately a male sport but is not exclusive to males only. It’s the favourite sport in india and it’s very rare to find an Indian who isn’t a massive cricket fan.

Cricket is handing out chocolate to get people to vote for her for class president.