Derby Matches: The Ultimate (Friendly?) Rivalry

When it comes to football rivalry, there are many derby matches that really get a lot of heat and emotion. Passionate football fans from around the country watch their favourite football team play their greatest rival and the atmosphere can get intense. The level of passion at these games is akin to the levels felt when the bingo caller calls the numbers on the national game.

The Old Firm

Let’s head on up to Scotland. Celtic and Rangers have a rivalry that goes back over 100 years and it is still as intense now as it was then. Both these Scottish football teams have fans all over the world and when it comes to the match days, the atmosphere and support are electric. The football game itself is extremely high energy where both teams know how much it means to their fans to get the win.
With Neil Lennon recently taking over Celtic as the football manager and previously being the manager and player of the club then he seems the perfect fit in terms of club history to be leading them. Due to the relegation of Rangers several years ago, it is only recently that they have managed to get themselves back up to a credible place in Scottish football where this year they came placed second on the league table behind Celtic.

The Manchester Derby

Another rivalry that is well known in football is Manchester City and Manchester United. This is another contest which has been going on for years with both teams originally facing off in 1881; years before they had the names they do now. Both teams are not only extremely popular in terms of football fans, but they are also normally playing well in the premiership and in Europe. In recent years the tables have turned where it has been Manchester City leading the way in the football results rather than Manchester United.

The Tyne-Wear Derby

Staying in the north, another derby worth mentioning is the rivalry of Sunderland V Newcastle. With the teams based only twelve miles apart, things can get pretty tense between the two teams. They have been playing games since 1883 but tensions go back much further. Sunderland and Newcastle have found themselves on opposing sides many times, from the English Civil War to the Jacobite uprisings, and this football rivalry is another way they have found to oppose each other.
Unfortunately, there are still some levels of trouble when it comes to these teams playing against each other. Football teams have done a lot to try and have a zero-tolerance level towards football trouble and bigotry but there are always a few people that ruin it for the others. You will see match bans being issued to people whilst the football clubs come down hard on this in order to try and improve the reputation of football.

Nevertheless, football rivalries are some of the best ways to see football played at its absolute best. Check out any of the above rivalries for some intense and brilliant games like nothing you’ve ever seen before.