The Emotional Factors That Effect Sports Betting

Oh, to live in a world of machines. If we lived in a world of machines playing against other machines, then sports betting would really be a piece of cake. Yet we are betting on sporting events played by humans. This means that you really can’t just assume all conditions will be perfect. Since humans have so many different factors they carry around, it’s only natural that this would affect their actual playing abilities. Every team is going to have moments where they’re not going to be at their best.

The handicapper isn’t fazed by the fact that the game is played by humans. The handicapper, with a little bit of skill and knowledge, can spin this to their favor. It’s all about making sure that you look for signs that point to a team that can have above average performance, or signs that point to a team that will deliver a lackluster performance. Either way, there’s profit to be made.

Getting deep into handicapping can definitely raise the chances of making money from all of your wagers. This means that you can’t give in to emotion. Betting with your gut or betting on what other people think is popular is a sure way to end up losing your bankroll for the season. If you’ve given yourself a set limit every season, then it goes without saying that you really do need to make it work as much as possible.

What you have to start with when it comes to figuring out a team is their emotional state. If you’re going to handicap a game, you need to figure out what type of situation the team is in. There are essentially four situations that are agreed upon for teams across the board, regardless of sport: redemption, revenge, letdown, and look-ahead.

Sports Betting

The Redemption Situation

The redemption situation is when a team has really done poorly in the previous game. They come to the field fresh, looking to prove themselves worthy in the next game. This can be incredibly profitable, but you have to make sure that you work out whether or not it’s worth pursuing.

The Revenge Situation

This one is our favorite, as the revenge games are the ones where a team has lost against another *equal* team lost the last time the two teams met. In order for this to be profitable, the team has to looking for revenge for the loss, as well as have the power to beat the other team. If you’re looking at a weaker team that can’t fight back, then it’s really not a revenge situation worth betting on.

You want to tread carefully on this one, because revenge games attract a lot of media attention and thus speculation. This can eat into your profitability in terms of odds.

The Letdown Situation

The letdown situation is when a team is coming off a big game. If they are coming from a tough loss against a better opponent, then they aren’t in great spirits. They feel bummed. On the other hand, if they tackled a bigger opponent and won, then they’re elated and they might perform a little better than what you expected.

The Look-Ahead Situation

A look-ahead situation occurs when a team has a big contest the game after its upcoming game. So if you have two top teams going head to head after playing a weaker team, then you know that you might want to get into the action.

Looking at these factors will help you pick better teams and take advantage of situations that you might not have thought about previously. Good luck!

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More On Live Sports

Watching live sports is a major pastime shared by almost everyone in the world. No matter what country you’re from it can easily be said that most people who live in your area enjoy at least one or more sports.

In the united kingdom it is mainly soccer that has the most popularity as well as cricket, whereas in the united states, baseball is the most popular sport with ice hockey and basketball also having a massive fanbase.

There is a lot of money to be made by companies in live sports. Most companies make a lot of money by sponsoring individual players or teams. They will pay players to wear shirts that advertise their brands, or pay to have their logo printed on the side of a teams car in racing events.

Television companies also make a lot of money by charging everyday people high prices to be able to view their special premium stations that have the rights to show certain games or tournaments. Many people even watch live sports on the internet as this is a cheaper way to keep up to date with their favourite team’s progress.

It’s extremely easy to set up your computer to be able to watch live sports instantly. You don’t even need a particularly fast PC or fast internet connection.

Most people watch live sports on their mobile phones these days as they don’t even own a computer. Technology has changed so much over the years, it’s quite fascinating how easy it is to watch the sport you want wherever you are.

Widescreen Sports

If you’ve never taken time out your day to watch live cricket, you may be surprised at just how exciting the sport is. If you don’t have a satellite or cable subscription, it’s extremely easy to watch cricket online. A lot of matches are shown regularly on free-to-air channels which are broadcast over the internet, and some bookmakers websites also show the live action as well.

People who enjoy watching other sports like tennis, baseball, or even softball are the ones most likely to enjoy cricket live streaming. The sport does seem very slow paced to begin with, but in the later rounds the match can become as intense as a basketball game.

One thing I will say is that cricket is one of the rare sports that requires a widescreen television to be able to view all the action. The pitch is quite expansive and when a ball is thrown to the batter, it can sometimes fly for miles before the opposing team has a chance to gain control of it. With a widescreen television, you never have to miss any of the action.

I bought a widescreen monitor when I started watching cricket, and now find that having a widescreen monitor works best for many sports. Watching golf is now more involving as I can see the entire course, and sometimes certain channels allow you to switch camera angles too. So if you ever think about watching live cricket or any sports which utilise an incredibly large pitch, make sure and invest in a widescreen television or monitor!