Watching Golf

Watching golf games is a fun pastime shared by most households across the world. It has dramatically increased in popularity over the past decade, which is mainly due to how many celebrities play golf in their spare time. When taking a golf course, make sure to have your own golf tees – just one tip I picked over the years playing golf.

Golf is most popular over in the United States, where there are a lot more tournaments. American Golf stars like Tiger Woods have made the sport more appealing to the younger generation which may also have contributed to its rising popularity.

The television companies have fallen in love with golf and have started showing the pga tournaments on their channels. The sponsorship money they earn is insane as many businesses are now realising just how profitable it can be to advertise their products to golf enthusiasts.

To those who don’t watch golf regularly, the game can seem extremely slow-paced. Compared to sports like tennis or football, the action is slow (much like chess). There has to be precision and technique in every shot and golfers constantly change clubs to ensure they pot the ball in the hole.

I have been to a few golf tournaments myself but i prefer to watch online golf games instead as the weather has always been poor when I’ve gone to watch the sport live. Some of the best tournaments have taken place in Scotland and as beautiful as the country is, it has never been a country known for having the best weather. At least you can’t get wet sitting at your computer in your house.

Live Golf Streaming

Dear Live Golf Fan,

Trying to find the live golf games you want on regular television is getting harder and harder with the recession hitting television stations. A lot of live golf matches are still shown on premium channels that come with a price tag almost as expensive as going to the match itself.

You may be surprised to learn that it’s incredibly easy and FREE to watch live golf online from the comfort of your own home. You can watch american golf, the live pga tour, and even many amateur matches without the need to spend a penny. You just need to know how to tune into these live golf streams online!


Unfortunately, the streams aren’t easy to find online without knowing where to look. The problem is that some are broadcast intermittently and so you need to check a lot of different websites to find the pieces of software, and stream locations which is time consuming and exhausting. We can help you. We will provide you with links where you can watch live golf.


Golf is a game popular around the world. It involves hitting a ball with a metal or wooden club and trying to get the ball to land in the hole at the end of the grass pitch. There are usually around 18 holes in a course, and the most popular courses can be found in Scotland.

To watch live golf streaming, you usually need to pay expensive fees to watch premium television channels that are provided by satellite and cable providers, but there is no need to do this. There are many cheaper ways to view this amazing sport. The most obvious way is to go to your local pub which usually shows matches completely free. Sometimes your regular television channels show the games, and if they don’t you can always watch the highlights at the end of the day. However, the easiest method is right under your nose!

Watching live golf games streaming online is a lot cheaper than paying for satellite or cable subscriptions, and you’re a lot more likely to find the game you’re looking for. It may come as a surprise to you to learn that it’s incredibly easy to watch golf online using just your home computer and internet connection. There are hundreds of live golf streaming channels broadcast over the internet completely free.

The live pga tour and live american golf open are regularly broadcast on the web along with many big competitions that include golfers like Tiger Woods. You don’t need a fast internet connection either, most people only own a dialup connection and watch live golf streaming easily!

The PGA Tour of Australasia

Now in its 30th year, the PGA Tour of Australasia continues to showcase the very best of the southern hemisphere’s golfing talent in gripping fashion, as not just a springboard for golfers aiming to break into the international PGA Tour, but also a passionately contested prize in its own right. Let’s catch up with the action on this year’s tour so far, and see what lies ahead over the coming months.

The state of play

The 2013 order of merit top 50 to date is dominated by Aussies, albeit with a strong New Zealand presence towards the top of the table. Kiwi Michael Hendry tops the rankings with impressive earnings so far this season of 99,814.68 Australian dollars on the tour. Australia’s Scott Strange lies second in the rankings, with New Zealander Josh Geary just behind him in third.


We’ve already seen some captivating golf at the NZ PGA Open, the South Pacific Open Championship and the Victorian Open to name but a few of the events that have already made 2013 a memorable season for the Australasian PGA Tour. Thankfully, we’re only just over half-way through a very busy schedule, with plenty more action to come.

What’s still to come?

From November 7-10, the Tour pays a visit to Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast for the Australian PGA Championship, presented by Coca Cola, surely one of the biggest and best contests on the tour. Later that month, the Talisker Masters in Melbourne and Gloria Jean’s NSW Open in Sydney keep the ball well and truly rolling, The latter of the two acts as a warm up for one of the jewels in the Australasian PGA Tour crown, the Emirates Australian Open, taking place from Nov 28-Dec 1.

A special bonus event that does not form a part of the tour but is worthy of your complete attention nonetheless comes from Nov 21-24 in the form of the World Cup of Golf. The tournament, which is to be held at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club carries a whopping 8 million AU$ prize kitty. Will the USA defend their title from two years ago and scoop the big prize?

If you can’t make it to the fairways to see the action in the flesh, click here for a guide on where exactly to watch the tour unfold, online.

For the full official schedule, click here.

Where’s the smart money?

Don’t bet against the USA defending their World Cup of Golf crown – Uncle Sam’s pocketed 24 golfing world cup trophies over the years, with South Africa a distant second on 5 wins.